Welcome to the Johnson Family's Christmas Light show.

101 Chestone Ct Cary, NC. (click for directions)



Please Do Not Block My Neighbors Driveways!

Please proceed to the end of the cul-de-sac and turn around during times of high traffic.

The lights come on at dusk but the music portion of the show doesn't begin until 6:00PM. The music portion of the show shuts off at 10:30pm on school nights. It runs later on the weekends.

The show runs every day utill the New Year. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we leave the lights on continuously. The show runs until New Years Day.
There is a speaker near the mailbox. If there are a lot of cars, you could walk down and enjoy the show on foot.

I'm up to 11 songs this year. Previous years We had 15 songs that repeat in a loop until the end of the show. There is a short show opener if you are there at 6:00PM. It doesn't repeat in a loop.

I continue to keep the longer period between songs for pictures and such.

Turning off your headlights will help everyone to better enjoy the show. Don't forget to turn them back on when you leave.

I am sad to report Jim and Shannon moved across town. A special thanks goes to Shawn and Jennifer as well as Greg and Kara (We will keep working on Greg to join the show) and of course the entire Chestone Court Block.
So don't forget to turn around and check out Shawn's places as well. They are syncronized to my controller #1!

WRAL.com Check out the article on WRAL.com about the light show! WRAL.com

- The Videos are ready for 2019!!!    Thank You Claire and Charlette, the cookies were great!

Have a "Cary" Christmas and a happy holiday season.

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